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Radiometer RGG-03-

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Radiometer RGG-03-   Radiometer RGG-03-

Purpose and operation mode

A radiometer provides continuously measurement and transmission values of volume activity of iodine radionuclides I-131 by information network.

The operation mode is based on analyse of the energy spectre of gamma-quantum that are emitted by radionuclides which has left on the sorption-filtering material in the result of pumping air through it.

A radiometer measures the value of volume activity of iodine radionuclides I-131 that is calculated according to the algorithms of detection, accumulation and average hourly measurements.


Application areas

Continues automatic control of concentration of iodine radionuclides I-131 in the independent mode or as a part of automation radiation monitoring systems in the air of workplaces, ventilation systems, pipelines, chambers and etc.

Operation modes:

  • a stationary measuring device with own pump block or with work from external sampling line;
  • a portable measuring device on a trolley with pump block;
  • a point of continuous control in a radiation control system with ability of transfer data to a local network.


  • built-in air flowmeter;
  • compensation of impact external gamma background with lead protection 5 cm thick;
  • communication interface RS-485;
  • an ability of air sampling from the ventilation system;
  • setting by means of the console and notebook;
  • ability of connection external block of indication and alarm.
  • stationary or portable version with own pump block;
  • work from an external sampling line.


Radiometer RGG-03- (175 )


Type of detectors - scintillation, spectrometric NaI (Tl)

Quantity of detectors - 1

Measurement range from 0,1 to 3,1·107 Bq/m3
Energy range of registration (peak of complete absorbation) I-131 from 290 to 480 V
Measurement uncertainty of volume activity no more ±40%
Measurement time from 10 s to 24 h
Air flow rate through a filter from 10 to 40 l/min
Measurement uncertainty of air flow rate ±7%
Types of filter tapes -2-50
Power supply of the radiometer from AC mains 50±2 Hz, voltage from 187 to 242 V
Power consumption:
– without a pump block no more 70 VA
– with a pump block no more 470 VA
Ambient temperature range from +5 to +50°
Relative humidity up to 100% at +50°
Protection class not worse IP65
(IP20 for a pump block)
Average failure time no less 20 000 hours
Average service life no less 10 years
Dimensions 430x350x190 mm
Weight of radiometer:
– without pump no more 63 kg
– with pump no more 83 kg

Purpose indicators:

  • a radiometer by purpose refers to the elements of the system of normal operation, the impact on the safety of nuclear power plants - to systems and elements important for safety, third class;
  • analyse of energy spectre of gamma-quantum that are emitted by radioactive iodine isotopes which accumulate on the filter using a 1024-channel AD converter provides spectrometric determination of the volumetric activity of the radionuclide iodine I-131;
  • a radiometer measures a consumption and volume of pumped volume of air by means of the built-in flowmeter;
  • a radiometer controls its own pump block and can control external devices (for example, solenoid valves while working with an external sampling line).

Delivery set


On request:

a detection device UDAG-01I;

a pump block BN-01;

a console USR-04-01;

a set of mounting parts.

a verification and configuration software;

an operation manual.