Devices of radiation and
technological control

Radiation and environmental monitoring system

Radiation and environmental monitoring system
Программно-технический комплекс «Атлант»
Программный комплекс «Атлант-Протокол»
Radiation monitor
«Dozor» MPS-02
Многоканальная установка радиационного контроля УМКС «Атлант»

Radiation and environmental monitoring system consists of devices and computer programmes of hardware and software complex «Atlant». The system can include:

  • radiation monitoring devices;
  • control devices for radon, thoron and its daughter products;
  • devices for monitoring the concentration of harmful substances in the atmosphere and flue gases;
  • meteorological monitoring devices.

Also, it can include the intelligent devices and systems from other manufacturers:

The user-level service is provided by the software package «Atlant-Protocol». The several systems can be combined into a single information system based on the software package «Atlant-Protocol».

The information display options in «Atlant-Protocol» (maps, schemes, tables, trends...):