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Multichannel dosimeter-radiometer MKS-2020

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Multichannel dosimeter-radiometer MKS-2020
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Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-2020


A stationery multifunctional professional device is aimed to measure:

  • ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma-radiation Ḣ*(10);
  • ambient dose equivalent rate of neutron-radiation Ḣ*(10);
  • flux density of thermal neutrons.

The dosimeter is intended for use at nuclear stations, plants of nuclear industry, nuclear fuel cycle enterprises, and also at the companies which use the sources of ionization radiation. It can be used as an independent device or a part of automated radiation monitoring system for operative and periodical control of radiation situation.


  • light three-coloured (green, yellow, red) and sound alarm about exceeding threshold which are viewed from the distance 20 m;
  • an automatic identification of radiation detector connected to the measurement console;
  • there is a possibility to set a sensitivity coefficients, dead time and thresholds (preliminary and alarm) in radiation detector by user;
  • there is available of indication by console USR-05 and send to the upper level via communication line RS-485 with using exchange protocols Modbus RTU or DiBUS (at the Customers choice) such information as: efficiency of radiation detectors, measurement results and cases of exceeding of setting threshold levels;
  • there is a possibility of connection from 1 to 8 mono or different type radiation detectors from the dosimeter-radiometer;
  • to provide a light-sound alarm at the installation place by means of block BUS-04 (if there is in the order);
  • it is available to connect to personal computer and work with dosimeter-radiometer via software «TETRA_Checker», «TETRA_Reporter», «Atlant-Monitor»;
  • storage of up to 10 000 measurement results in the non-volatile memory of the measurement console and there is available to send this data to a personal computer or to the systems of upper level;
  • a protection degree against penetration of solid objects and water ? IP67;
  • a dosimeter-radiometer consists of a measurement console UIK-05 and radiation detector in the quantity no more 4 pcs. The Customer chooses the list of radiation detectors while making an order. The radiation detectors of MKS-2020 has a technical ability to operate without measurement console UIK-05 in the automatic system of radiation control.

Measurement console UIK-05








Multichannel dosimeter-radiometer MKS-2020 (1.87 )


The parameters and technical specifications MKS-2020 depend from the list of radiation detector(s) of MKS-2020 (at the Customer's choice)

  • Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma-radiation
    BDBG-310 from 0,04 µSv/h to 30,0 Sv/h
    BDKS-310 from 0,01 µSv/h to 30,0 Sv/h
    BDVG-310 from 0,01 µSv/h to 100,0 Sv/h
  • Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent rate of neutron-radiation
    BDMN-310 from 0,1 µSv/h to 0,1 Sv/h
    BDKN-310 from 0,1 µSv/h to 0,1 Sv/h
  • Measurement range of flux density of neutron radiation
    BDMN-310 from 0,1 to 1·105 s-1·cm-2
    BDKN-310 from 0,1 to 1·105 s-1·cm-2
  • Energy range
    BDBG-310 from 50 keV to 3 MeV
    BDKS-310 from 15 keV to 10 MeV
    *BDVG-310 from 50 keV to 3 MeV
    *BDMN-310 from 0,025 eV to 14 MeV
    *BDKN-310 from 0,025 eV to 14 MeV
    *The radiation detector BDMN-310 and BDKN-310 without moderators measure the flux density of thermal neutrons in energy range from 0,025 eV
  • Limits of tolerable intrinsic relative error, %
    BDBG-310 ±(15 + 2/Ax)
    BDKS-310 ±(15 + 2/Ax)
    BDVG-310 ±(15 + 2/Ax)
    BDMN-310 ±(20 + 5/Ax)
    BDKN-310 ±(20 + 5/Ax)
  • Type of detector
    BDBG-310 a Geiger-Muller counter
    BDKS-310 tissue equivalent scintillation detector (⌀30x15 mm)
    BDVG-310 scintillation detector (⌀63x63 mm)
    BDMN-310 scintillation detector of thermal neutrons (⌀30x5 mm)
    BDKN-310 neutron counter
  • Sensitivity, not less
    sensitive subrange
    rough subrange

    4,0 s-1·µSv-1·h
    4,0 s-1·mSv-1·h
    sensitive subrange
    rough subrange

    4,0 s-1·µSv-1·h
    2,0 s-1·mSv-1·h
    2500,0 s-1·µSv-1·h
    (in polyethylene moderator,
    sphere ⌀240 mm)

    0,4 s-1·µSv-1·h
    (in polyethylene moderator,
    cylinder ⌀100 mm)

    1,0 s-1·µSv-1·h
  • Energy dependence, %
    ± 25 (calibration by 137Cs)
    BDVG-310 it is not standardized
    BDMN-310 ± 40 (calibration by Pu-α-Be)
    at the ionization radiation 1 keV - 14 MeV
  • Anisotropy of radiation detector, no more ± 20 %

  • Time of setting the operating mode no more 10 minutes

  • Time of continuous work no less 24 hours

  • Communication interface RS-485

  • Power at rated supply voltage does not exceed:
    console USR-05 15,0 VA
    BDKS-310 0,75 VA
    0,30 VA
    BUS-04 in alarm mode 0,60 VA
  • Relative humidity (at 35°C) up to 95 %

  • Atmospheric pressure from 86 to 108 kPa

  • Protection class, not worse IP67

  • Ambient temperature range
    from minus 40 to 60°C
    console USR-05
    from minus 20 to 40°C
    warning device BUS-04 from minus 20 to 30°C
  • Dimensions and weight, no more
    USR-05 225x140x115 mm 2,0 kg
    BDBG-310 ⌀51x280 mm 0,35 kg
    BDKS-310 ⌀61x260 mm 0,85 kg
    BDVG-310 ⌀88x315 mm 2,3 kg
    BDMN-310 260x260x380 mm 11,0 kg
    BDKN-310 ⌀101x360 mm 2,0 kg
    BUS-04 180x90x90 mm 0,8 kg

Delivery set:

a measurement console USR-05, a radiation detector(s), (at the Customer's choice, but no more 4 pcs any type of radiation detectors according to delivery contract.), a warning device BUS-04*, an junction box КK-2*, an operation manual, a service log.


software «TETRA_Checker», «Atlant-Monitor»*.

* - if there is in the order.