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Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-03D «Strizh»

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Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-03D «Strizh»
Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-03D Strizh   Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-03D Strizh

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  • measurement of gamma- and beta-radiation;
  • sensitivity sufficient for correct measurements at the natural background level, combined with a high upper limit of dose rate measurement;
  • use the device as the personal dosimeter in the automated systems for collecting dosimetry information due to the ability to transmit data on the accumulated dose;
  • to save the accumulated dose values in the inner archive of non-volatile memory - up to 150 records;
  • the ability to install from 1 to 3 alarm threshold values in case of exceeded these values the audible signal will be generated;
  • control and change of parameters, both using the keyboard and using a PC with a specialized software;
  • easy handling, the best price-quality ratio.


The dosimeter-radiometer is designed to measure:

  • ambient dose equivalent rate Ḣ*(10) of gamma radiation;
  • ambient dose equivalent Ḣ*(10) of gamma radiation;
  • beta flux density.

The dosimeter-radiometer is used in the services of radiation control, industry, medicine, scientific and others facilities where are applied the sources of ionizing radiation.

Technical specifications

  • Measurement range: Battery compartment Protective screen for the beta counter
    • ambient dose equivalent rate from 0,1 µSv/h to 0,1 Sv/h;
    • ambient dose equivalent from 0,01 µSv to 40 Sv; 
    • beta flux density from 12 to 105 min-1cm-2.
  • Energy range of detected gamma radiation from 0,05 to 3,0 MeV.
  • Energy range of detected beta radiation from 0,12 to 3,0 MeV.
  • Energy dependence of sensitivity of gamma channel in the range from 0,05 to 1,25 MeV no more ± 25 % relatively sensitivity to the energy of radionuclide radiation 137Cs.
  • Limits of the main relative error of the measurement:
    • dose rate — ±(20+2/)%, where - numerical value of the measured value;
    • flux density — ±(20+200/)%, where - numerical value of the measured value.
  • Transmission of measurement results to the PC via USB according to protocol DiBUS.
  • Set time of operation mode, no more 5 s.
  • The dosimeter is powered by two galvanic batteries or AA batteries .
  • Time of continuous operation from a freshly charged set of batteries, with a capacity of at least 2700 mh — 700 hours 

Applicability factors

  • Continuous measurement with constant refinement of the result.
  • Estimate of radiation state by means of sound signals (clicks), the frequency of which is proportional to the dose rate (flow density).
  • Measurement results with any required statistical error.
  • Automatic restart of the device in the case of the change of radiation type during the measurement.
  • Compensation of the count rate due to the presence of gamma radiation when measuring of the beta flux density.
  • Indication of the statical error during the measurement process.
  • Indication of unit of measurement.
  • Indication of battery charge level.
  • Highlighting display.
  • Pocket size.

Operation conditions

  • Operating temperature range from minus 20° to +50°.
  • Relative humidity up to 95% at +35°.

Reliability and guarantees

  • The assigned lifetime of dosimeter is 8 years.
  • The guarantee service life — 18 months since entering service and after the warranty period of storage.
  • The warranty period of storage is 6 months since the sales.

Overall dimensions and weight

  • Overall dimensions are no more 111×73×28 mm.
  • Weight is no more 0,2 kg. 

Additional accessories

Leather belt cover

Attaching the cover to the belt

Software disc


USB-UART interface converter «PI-04»

Car charger