Devices of radiation and
technological control

Product range

A considerable practical experience of development, production and implementation of electronic and physical equipment and devices, a long-term communication with users of our equipment allow specialists of company to create a wide range of radiation devices and detectors which provide an ability of decision of any known tasks of radiation control. Using modern communication, storage and processing of information is a main way of development of new devices.

A result of application of microprocessor technology and programming in the circuitry of radiation devices and detectors was both the expansion of measurement ranges and increase the statistical reliability of measurement results. In addition, an operator can choose of measurement algorithm that which significantly expands the consumer properties of the equipment produced by our company. The development and production of smart radiation detectors with such features is a main direction of activity of specialists-developers of the company.

A data exchange protocol for smart radiation detectors is in free access for review and application. There is a list of available exchange registers in a manual for each supplied device. The transparency of the interface provides free access to the widespread use of smart radiation detectors by third-party organizations in the development of radiation control systems and complexes.